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Qualpack Ltd.

Phone Number:
087 17 025 17
Pat O'Flynn, Business Development Manager


Unit 3, Nicholas House, Crossagalla Industrial Estate, Ballysimon Road, Limerick

Primary Activities:

Qualpack Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging products for the Irish and UK markets, supplying Standard, Specialty and Bespoke packaging products.

Company Profile:

Qualpack is a Packaging Solutions Provider servicing the Agri, Pharma, Industrial, Food and Retail sectors in Ireland and abroad. Form start-ups to corporate clients. We are proud to be the packaging partner of many blue-chip companies as our long standing clients.


Founded in 2000, based in Limerick and 100% Irish owned.


Qualpack is committed to meeting the supply needs of our Customers by providing the highest levels of quality, service and innovation at competitive pricing.

We are a solution focused company that is quality driven.


We are always looking at: –

  • Where we can support our clients, through packaging, to open-up opportunities in new markets and sectors.
  •  Where we can usefully share our packaging knowledge with our clients.
  • Where we can best invest to support both our clients and our own future growth.

Key Capabilities:

Food/Drink Industry – Shrink Films, Form Fill & Seal Applications, Pallet Hoods (Stretch / Shrink), Pallet Sheets, SWS, Food Grade Liners, Pallet Wrap and Strapping.


Agriculture – Pallet Hoods (Stretch / Shrink), Shrink Films, Feed Bags, Pallet Wrap, Form Fill & Seal Applications, Poly Bags, Pallet Sheets, SWS, Food Grade Liners and Strapping.


Medical – Poly Bags, Form Fill & Seal Applications, Pallet Wrap, Anti-Static Bags, Bubble Wrap and Corrugated Paper.


Packaging – Bubble Wrap: Standard / Anti-Static,  Bubble Bags: Standard / Anti-Static,  Bubble Sheets,  Corrugated Rolls and Corrugated Sheets.


Pharmaceutical – Bubble Bags, Pallet Wrap, Shrink Film and Strapping


Engineering – Bubble Wrap, Surface Protection Film and Bubble Bags


Retail –  Bubble Wrap, Bubble Bags, Bubble Sheets, Corrugated Rolls, Corrugated Sheets and Corrugated Boxes


Horticulture – Pallet Hoods (Stretch / Shrink)


Furniture – Corrugated Paper and Bubble Wrap


Signage – Corrugated Paper and Bubble Wrap


Laundry – Dry Cleaners Garment Covers and Poly Bags

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