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Sns Manufacturing Exhibition – SME 2015

The SNS Manufacturing Exhibition – SME 2015 and Energy
Efficiency Benefits for Industry conference is a free event
held on 1st April 2015 in Limerick Institute of Technology in
partnership with the ACORN Research Centre, LIT (TEMPO
project), University of Ulster and the mid west based
manufacturing business network SNS.
The event will host both internationaland national speakers
and will have a series of afternoon workshops based on
supports for SMEs, the European Directive, ESOS and waste
heat/EcoParks The manufacturing exhibition and meet the
buyer event is open for SMEs interested in exhibiting.
For details and exhibitor costs contact SNS on
marketing@snshanon.com There will also be a research
component, where postgraduates and researchers are
being invited to submit posters of their research. It is
requested that the research topic is in the area of energy
efficiency and sustainability.